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Lebanon School Board

Our Pledge

  • Investing responsibly in our schools

  •  Supporting quality, innovative education for ALL

  • Responding to the needs of students, teachers, and administrators

  • Focusing on evidence-based, balanced decision making

  • Improving communication between school and community

  • Expanding access to Board deliberations

  • Lobbying on behalf of our community values


Lisa Vallejo Sorensen

Lisa Vallejo Sorensen is a communications specialist and educator from Ward 1, a dedicated school and community volunteer, and the mother of a son and daughter (twins) in the Lebanon School District. She strongly believes in inclusion, respect,creativity, and compassion when making choices on the Board.


Lil Maughan

Lil Maughan is an educator and freelance editor from Ward 2, a prolific school and

community volunteer and mother of two sons in the Lebanon School District. She is most interested in asking the right questions and hearing all voices when she is on the Board. See her website


Stephen Kantor

Stephen Kantor is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and educator, a career volunteer from Ward 2, and father of three daughters in the Lebanon School District. He would like to ask, listen, examine the data, and, only then, make decisions when he is on the Board. See his website

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